Shoreline Rip Rap Repair

Rip Rap / Shoreline Repair

Riprap is coarse gravel, boulder, or rock, loosely placed against a shoreline to prevent or control erosion. It creates an elegant appearance of the shore, improves its environment, can appreciate the value of your property, and stands the test of time. Fieldstone is usually among the most durable and beautiful riprap.

Our Riprap services are aimed at helping you reduce erosion from waves and currents.


Erosion Control Solutions

To render your landscape erosion resistant, we offer erosion control services by: analyzing the damaged area and offering solutions such as rip-rap and slope stabilization. We understand the risks posed by poor drainage and subsequent erosion and commit ourselves to delivering appropriate solutions that allow you to enjoy your landscape.

River rock
Small boulders

Rock Boulder & Retaining Walls

Another specialty of Lake Shore Services is designing and constructing retaining walls. Retaining walls are vital in sloped regions to control erosion or flooding. The retaining wall stabilizes slopes and offers valuable land for properties with various heights. A boulder wall is a great approach to include natural elements in your landscape. Additionally, it’s inexpensive, durable and maintains an outstanding view.

If your property requires a retaining wall, Lake Shore Services is your solution.