You can rest assured that we’ll add beautiful, functional and quality pathways, pavers and sidewalks to your landscape to attain visual appeal and safety. The best pathways can also be made from pavers. Concrete pavers, as compared to other pathway options such as gravel, concrete and flagstone, are better due to their custom look, uniform surface, and reliability.


Lake Shore Services is recognized as experts in landscape paver installation.

Rock Bed Landscaping

Rock beds are among the most versatile components available for a landscape transformation. Rocks enhance texture and contrast, serve as a resilient groundcover and requires little or no maintenance. Rock beds make a remarkable border to a pathway. Lake Shore Services rock bed services really define a space while improving sculptural interest.

River rock

Small boulders

Steps & Boardwalk Construction

Boardwalks and steps create a functional passage over your space, while having a minimal impact on your visual landscape.

Boardwalks and steps allow you to enjoy more of your property safely. A boardwalk can create a relaxed and wonderful experience for those who may have mobility difficulties.

Rock Boulder & Retaining Walls

Another specialty of Lake Shore Services is designing and constructing retaining walls. Retaining walls are vital in sloped regions to control erosion or flooding. The retaining wall stabilizes slopes and offers valuable land for properties with various heights. A boulder wall is a great approach to include natural elements in your landscape. Additionally, it’s inexpensive, durable and maintains an outstanding view.

If your property requires a retaining wall, Lake Shore Services is your solution.