Beautiful Sodding Work

A professionally laid lawn can significantly improve the appearance of any home. Our sodding services are designed for all types and project sizes, from minor patches to thorough lawn resurfacing; we can assist you to achieve it.

Lake Shore Services can deal with all of your sod needs.

Tree Removal

Lake Shore Services also provides tree removal where needed. Tree removal is an extremely technical task, which requires the skills of well-trained professionals. It ensures the safety of your home and adjacent properties. It may be essential to remove a tree if it’s affecting the growth of other trees, or poses danger to buildings, driveways, or utility cables.

Open your outdoor space
Enhance the look of your property
Remove the eyesore of dead or weathered plants

Erosion Control Solutions

To render your landscape erosion resistant, we offer erosion control services by: analyzing the damaged area and offering solutions such as rip-rap and slope stabilization. We understand the risks posed by poor drainage and subsequent erosion and commit ourselves to delivering appropriate solutions that allow you to enjoy your landscape.

River rock
Small boulders

Our experts at Lake Shore are always prepared to meet your specific erosion control needs.